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Solar Panel Assembly Line

Solar Panel Assembly Line
Solar Panel Assembly Line
Product Code : GM - SPAL
Brand Name : GMEE
Product Description

 Solar Panel Assembly Line

1. Cell Sorting
In this process, solar cells are tested and sorted according to the IV data from the cell testers.

2. Laser Scribing
In this process, laser scribing machine is applied to cut solar cell into small pieces to manufacture smaller modules for street light system, solar lantern and so on. The model proposed in the proposal is made of Diode pump, second generation technology. Diode laser is free of maintenance and less power consumption.

3.Cell soldering Tabbing and stringing
In this process, solar cells are welded into string with solder strips (Copper busbar) and flux. In the proposal, manual soldering is proposed in consideration of cut down initial investment.  

4.Glass Washing Machine
Glass washing machine is applied to wash the toughen glass before layup process to ensure the cleanliness of the glass surface, so that avoid pollution which may cause bubble in lamination. The max operating area for this machine is 2000mm*1600mm.

5.Manual EVA/TPT
EVA sheet and TPT/Backsheet are cut and tailed in the required size with the manual EVA/TPT cutter.

6.Manual Lay Up
All required raw materials are stacked up manually from bottom to top with toughen glass, EVA sheet, solar cell matrix, EVA sheet and finally backsheet.IV testing can be done on the manual lay up station to inspect the connectivity of the solar cell strings.

7.Electroluminescence Inspection
Materials after layup are send to EL Tester for electroluminescence inspection, which aims to detect defects on the materials before lamination, like inner and miner crack in solar cell, weak soldering, mixed current, poor connection, etc, which are hardly check with human eyes. If any defects are found, operators can rework and replace accordingly, which will increase the yield rate effectively.Our machine is equipped with SONY camera, features in high definition and stable and outstanding performance.

Lamination is the major process in solar module manufacturing. In this process, all materials are pressed into laminate as a whole. In the first stage, air in the chamber of the machine is pumped out and turned to vacuumized. Then, heating and pressing will laminate all the materials together. Normally, a whole lamination cycle (including loading and unloading time) costs approximately 20min.

9.Manual Trimming
Debris and uneven edge surface of panel caused in lamination are trimmed to smooth and even in this process. Manual trimming station and hot knife are proposed here.

In this proposal, silicon glue is spread on aluminum frames manually, then operators collect the glued frames and fix them onto the panels manually, after that, operators load the panels on the framing machine, and frames are fastened and locked by framing machine.

11.Junction box fixing
In this proposal, silicon glue is spread on back side of junction boxes manually, and then the Junction box is fixed manually on the back side of the panel.

12.Module IV Testing
Finished products are tested by the sun simulator (module IV tester) to ensure they can meet the standard.